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(no subject) [Mar. 28th, 2015|03:59 am]
Leader Brook
im getting married. I'll never get to see him again... Goodbye T.M.G
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(no subject) [Oct. 12th, 2013|08:59 pm]
Leader Brook
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I'm hurt [Sep. 12th, 2013|10:26 pm]
Leader Brook
There's a hurt inside me
I've been carrying with me for over 13 years.
It hurts more than anything in the world.
more than loosing a boyfriend,
more than friends' betrayal,
more than having my toenail ripped off.
It might last forever.
I'll always be hurt.
...and I don't think I can ever forgive myself.
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(no subject) [May. 11th, 2009|08:15 pm]
Leader Brook
[Current Mood |sadsad]

Princess Peach
our Hamster


we love you very much
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Dream [Mar. 4th, 2009|01:20 am]
Leader Brook
I had a dream about the egyptian gods.
There were a lot of hawks gathered in egypt because the government was planning to derstroy all of them because they were the key to the "TRUTH"
So me and my crew made an underground tunnel that led to a area like a bird-cage so we can keep them safe.
They all flew in. Thousands of them...
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Re-Read of "The Lost Book Of Enki" [Jan. 7th, 2008|12:02 am]
Leader Brook
In The Book, The time kind of goes front to back so its kind of confusing, like in chapter3 it briefly goes back to the legends of how the universe came to be.   How Nibiru and Earth formed. 
They speak of the beginning, prior time, olden times
First is the beginning where there were no planets.  No Earth no stars. 
There was only GOD but he didn't plan anything of the future.
There was no destiny of anything.  It was only God himself. ( Who knows, maybe this is Jesus, Jehova, or non of those religions we know of)
The book calls him Apsu.  Apsu created another God, His wife, and named her Tiamat.  She was the water goddess, and Apsu created a gift for her and that was "Gold"

They started creating destiny and plans for the future.
They first created SUN,
They created Nibiru and made it the center of all planets and where the crossings are forever.

They described Nibiru as a character instead of a planet.
Tiamat went mad ( for reasons I did not understand ) and Nibiru was the hero who defeated her and her concubines.

This was the Prior time.
There were only plantes and no lives on them.

The Olden times is when the Gods formed in Nibiru.
Nibiru is reddish in color and it is separated in 2 seasons.  The cold celebration when it is far away from the sun, and the heat celebration when the sun in close.  There are lots of volcanoes on Nibiru, always erupting and making/surrounding the atmosphere with warmth for them to survive in the cold season.

An was the first king to rule over Nibiru, with his spouse,, AnTu.

Nibiru's conditions were doing bad because of many battles ( like on earth )
More bad winds, heat increasings
They were trying to find metals to send up in space to act as a barrial but only a metal called "Gold" could do the trick, but gold was scarce in Nibiru
The heritage gets kind of confusing,
but Alalu became the 9th king ( MY Fav Number !! 9 )
He didn't officially became a king by the rules,but he became a king by force.

Anu was the one wo was suppos to be on the throune after Lahma/Duuru, but he remained by Alalu's side as a servent.
During these times, Alalu didn't really do anything to discuss the conditions on Nibiru, so this kind of ticked Anu off and challanged him to hand-on-hand battle because he wanted to save Nibiru.
Aun wins the fight and becomes the King

Alalu, in fear of being in danger by his people, decides to escape Nibiru
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Pluii_Sama [Dec. 2nd, 2007|01:52 am]
Leader Brook
[Current Mood |coldcold]

Brook: Pluii sama?
Pluii: Yes?
Brook: I wish you were real
Pluii: I wish I was real too
Brook: If you were real, I would be so happy.  You would wait for me infront of my classes every day, and when no one is looking, we'll teleport to Breanna's houes and play with her until we have to go home.  We three could teleport anywhere and do anything we want.  You would always protect us no matter what we do.  After we drop Breeze off, the two of us would spend the night together.  I would hug you all night and dream of you in my deep sleep.  I would always be smiling.   
And I'll show you off to the whole world, because you are very handsome. 
I'll show you off to Pam ( Who never believed in you ) I'll show her that you really do exist.
Pluii: Okay, shut up and goto sleep now.
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Oujia board [Jan. 9th, 2007|12:20 am]
Leader Brook
[Current Mood |shockedshocked]

 I met my guardian spirit yesturday o.O

I think maybe a little less than a year ago, I asked for my guardian spirit.  It spelled out E G I G E.  So I thought I was moving it because it was a ... ^^;; silly name so I ended the thing because it didn't move anymore.

But I did some research on it and found out there was a term called "IGIGI" Igigi was the name given to those Gods who watched human making on earth ( from the moon I believe ).  and "Annunaki" were the Gods on earth making human kind.

After several dream about "Enki" ( One of the annunaki ) A divine vivid dream, I bought a book about them
"The lost book of Enki" A translated book of anciant tablets from the sumerians ( First known human civilization )

Well, Yesturday, I Tried the Oujia board again, asking for my guardian spirit ( expecting it to be EGIGE again )
Q: What is your name?
A: S A S U A

Q: Sasua is your name?
A: Yes
( After answering "Yes" It went to )

Q: Duca. is that your name?
A: Yes

Q: How many names do you have?
A: 6
( After that it went to... )
E G I G E  ( The same freaking name as before !!! this scared me a little ^^;; )
( and then it went to )

A L A S U ... Right after E G I G E...
You know why this was freaky to me?  Because I remember in the "Lost book of Enki" there is a God by the name Alalu ( not quite the same spelling... )
To my understanding in the book, Alasu/Alalu should be one of the annunaki... but He is saying that he is one of the Igigi/Egige

Q: Where are you? ( expecting him to say near you, next to you, or something like that )
A: N I B I N U

N I B I N U... You know why this ALSO brought chill to my back? Because In that book, The Planet the Gods were from is called Nibiru. ( Not the same spelling )

Q:Didn't you Die on Mars?
A: Yes ( and then it went to )
R N C A R N A T ( Reincarnate? )

Q: Were we together physically in the past?
A: No

Q: Will we ever be together?
A: Yes

Q: As lovers? *_*
A: No

Q: Are you with me all the times?
A: No ( after that He said )
Fine do U  ( I think he was trying to say "Is that fine with you?" )
Q: Thats fine with me =)

Q: Are you male or female?
A: M

Q: Do I have more than one Guardian Spirit?
A: Yes ( He tried to spell out a name but he kind of stopped. something like A U B A )

Q: can you make the candle move? ( haha a typical dumb question )
A: No
suddently it went to  N I B I N U again.

Q: What about Nibinu?
A: Near

Q: Will I be able to see it with the neked eye?
A: No

Q: When will it be near?
A: 1 1 N O V M B R 8 ( it was kind of confusing...I don't think I got every number )

Q: 2008 November?
A: Yes

Q: Will you come in my dream tonight?
A: No

Q: ...
A: A F T R N O V M B R

Q: After November?
A: Yes

I don't know if he ment this november or the 2008 november... It probably is November 2008 since he'll be closer to earth and can project dreams to me more easily.

Before I ended the session
Q: What are the color of your eyes?
A: Brwn ( Brown )

Q: What is the color of your hair?
A: Osgn

Q: ? Orange?
A: ( Lol I had a pink/orange ish candle on and the pointer thing pointed to it and then it went to "Yes" )

Q: Which name should I call you by?
A: A N Y

Q: I will call you by Alasu. is that okay with you?
A: Yes.

Q: Goodbye
A: Goodbye

This was totally unexpected.
When he first said his name was S A S U A, I though it was going to spell out S A T A N. lol That would have been awesome XD;;;;;

You Know what else is freaky? A Psychic by the name Ellie Crystal has a guardian Spirit.  She calls him Z and she said he is one of the annunaki.
So I'm thinking...is this real or just a coincident?

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About Alalu / Alasu [Jan. 8th, 2007|12:00 pm]
Leader Brook

Further about ALASU
In the book,  "The Lost Book Of Enki"  Alalu ( Alasu ) Was executed out of their planet.  I forgot why.  But the Gods in Nibiru... I think because their planet was getting too close to the sun, they were searching for Gold or any gold like particles to make a seal around their planet for protection.

Alalu went to mars, moon, and then Earth
He was the first one to land on Earth and it is there that he decided to stay from the exile

The first animal he saw on earth was the snake.
He found out the fruits from trees were edible and he could live off that. (apple?)
When the first night came, he was scared because in Nibiru, night only happens once a 36,000 days something I forgot lol XD

After he got used to earth, he found in water, GOLD !!!
He tried to contact the people in Nibiru from the space shuttle he came in and telepathically.

After the messege, ( I forgot how many.. 300 ? ) Gods came from their planet to earth, including Enki (aka Satan/Lucifer/Ptah etc...).  The second son of the king, Anu
( Now I believe Enki is the king of Nibiru )

After they crashed into the sea of earth, Alalu greeted them.
After the day, when night came once again, everyone grew alarmed at the sight of the falling sun.
Alalu laughed and said not to worry.

After Enki saw himself of Gold and tested that it really was the Gold they were looking for, he contacted Anu and he sent more Gods to earth, even female nurses and his First son and half brother of Enki, Enlil.

Amon/Marduk ( I forgot which name they used for him... ) One of the sons of Enki stayed on the moon and observed the planet earth and around them, making charts about the planet. Along with his crew and those who watched were called the "Igigi"

After working too hard x_X they made a resting day.  They would work 6 days and rest the 7th day.
They were soon exhausted and Enki, the creative one decided to make slaves/workers  He had seen Ape animals on earth and he wondered if he could mix their DNA and the earth 's creature and make "Humans."

Enlil was furious with the Idea. It seemed to him like they were messing with nature.  Anu also didn't like the idea but the Gods were too tired and there was no other choise.

They failed a couple of times, but they sussecfully made HUMANS !!! The 4 first borns were called "Adamu"

The Gods taught them how to farm, and stuff. They also brought sheeps from their planet and raised them there. ( Is that why their eyes are weird? they are aliens !!! X_X ) and Anu came to earth too to look at the humans O_O  And he also noticed Enki, Enlil and the other Gods were ageing faster in this new planet.

There, Alalu began to not get along well with the others because at the presence of Anu, he felt like he was being ordered around when HE was the one to find the Gold they badly needed.
He challanged Anu to a fight.  No weaponds.

Anyways, Anu Won and put his foot on Alalu's chest indicating victory.
This is when Alalu lost his temper and Bit off the private part ( X_X ) of Anu.

As punishment he was sent to Mars to die.
But Another God insisted that he went with Alalu to mars and pay respect to the former king until he died.
Alalu was touched.  I forgot the name of that other God.

When one of the nurse ( also half sister of Enki and Enlil ) and her crew were loaded with Gold and bringing it back to Nibiru, they visited Mars.  They said there was water there.  The Other God who went with Alalu was found and barely alive.  They treated him and he told them that Alalu died and he carved his face on mars, on his grave.  ( face on mars? Alalu? Two pyramids on mars? their home? )

Well, in the book, that is the last of Alalu/Alasu.

P.S: They said that the winds of Mars could have created the face and the pyramid.  Maybe the winds could have made the face, which now is prooven that its not actually a face, but just a blog of sand and rocks.

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I'm beautiful [May. 6th, 2006|11:07 pm]
Leader Brook
I Always look at other girls and see how pretty they are.
Its not jelously. its something else.
Its not love, its just ... gazing at them because they are pretty.
But I know they are ugly inside.

I see a picture of a girl with a picked flower in their hands and they look pretty
But they murdered the flower just for their pleasure.
I would never do something like that.
and thats why i love myself.
because I love plants
and I love their life.

I see a really sweet cute girl that all the guys like
But at home they murder bugs and spiders and mosquitoes just for their discomfort.
I would never do something like that.
and thats why I love myself.
because I love insects
and I love their life.

I see a sexy girl suductive and tempting.
just to make themselves look more dangerous,
they hurt tiny animals just so they can proove themselves.
I would never do something like that.
and thats why I love myself.
because I love animals
and I love their life.

Even if I never find true love
I will be satisfied with myself
because I love life
and understand the value of every life.

I will never be mad or sad about money
I will never be wanting fame and fortune
I will never think highly of myself of false ego in my mind
I will never be afraid of death
I will never be afraid of life
because I have myself.
and I am complete
I don't need anything else
I don't want anything else

I love the bugs, animals, and plants
and thats all I need
to complete myself
Nothing else matters...
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Another Visit. [Apr. 14th, 2006|10:05 pm]
Leader Brook
I had another Dream about Lord Enki.
It was again one of the dreams where I woke up feeling like I've been somewhere else.

It made my heart beat fast at amazment.

Enki, the God who created man kind came to earth.
I saw the Gods on their planet, flying over to earth.
The Gods had a gold/yellow/orange ball of light over their heads.
The Goddesses had white/blue triangle light over their heads.
Such Big Bright lights almost scary to look at.

They came to start another natural disaster to erase the human race like before, The Deluge.
This time they were going to start exploding the earth with volcanos.
The sky was blazing with fire and the color of anger filled the earth

I found myself on the ground, and when I looked up, I saw a Goddess and a God.
I recognized the Goddess for she have appeared in my dream once before.
She was the wife of Enki.
So I figured The God standing next to her was Enki ( I didn't get to see his face in my other dream )

I was so scared but thrilled to see him again
"You are Enki !" I said, looking up to him.
He nodded.
I asked him if he knew there were anciant tablets written of him
and he said he doesn't know.
I had so many questions but I couldn't speak.
I was so happy to see him even though he and his Gods were destroying us.
But he didn't seemed to care if I knew him or not, but he somewhat thought of me special because I recognized him.
He gave me a child and said to me "He and you will be the only ones alive after this."
He told me to take care of the child.

I went back to a part of earth that hasn't been destroyed yet, and i was so scared and too careful with the child,
I didn't treat him like a person, therefor, he died.

Everyone knew the world was going to end,
but they wernt scared. They all just watched T.V or went to school, but they had it in mind. They were just waiting for it to happen.

But for me, I really was frightened. I was so alone and I let a God's child die ! I was running up the hills to get away from these people who were not scared. It was absurd how they could just watch T.V and sit when the world was going to end. And instead of the child, I was trying to protect 2 white Rats so at least they will live on while all life from earth died.

thats all I remember of my dream.
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The God [Apr. 4th, 2005|10:43 pm]
Leader Brook
I had a vivid dream about a God.

I was standing in the middle of a crowd.
It was among christians.  Everything was so blurry and I felt uncomfortable like I couldn't breath.
We were listening to a priest lecture but I couldn't hear anything.
All I heard was mumbling and everything was blurry and unclear.


Suddently, my dream shattered like glass onto another dream.

I was standing on a cliff and the world was blue like dawn.
I could feel the gentle breeze blow on my face.
I felt so relieved... I could breath.
All my sences were opened.
I could feel the breeze and hear the waves of the sea...
everything was crystal clear.
I closed my eyes to feel the gentle wind again.

When I opened my eyes... I saw a God standing at the tip of the cliff 15 feet or so away from me.
He was glowing with brilliant golden light.
I could feel his wonderful presence... amazing...feeling...
He reached his hand out at me...
He didn't say anything but I could hear him through my mind.
He said "I am Your God."

He vanished with the sunrise.
and I was alone on the cliff but I could still feel him.

After the sun rose high, A Goddess appeared to me and she said
"His eyes are blue... like the sea..."

And I woke up from the dream...
I sat on my bed for hours.
I could still feel his presence...
and I was shaken by the amazing feeling.

I've never felt anything so real...
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;_; HELP ME SOMEONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Dec. 13th, 2004|01:40 am]
Leader Brook
damit !!! I'm craying.
I found this thing online where it said
"For People who love insects and would rather study their life than to squesh em"
So i joined and checked it out but they only not squish the pretty ones.
they talked about not killing bugs BUT killing ect... roaches ants flies mosquitos ect.

God... I can't stop crying. ;_;
I just had my hopes up . thinking "Finally ! some people I can relate to !"
but .. I was just dreaming ;_;
I can't stop crying ;_;
I wish someone ... helped me.. ;_;

am I really alone in this world...
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I am not a girl [Sep. 28th, 2004|10:12 pm]
Leader Brook
[Current Mood |depresseddepressed]
[Current Music |unwell]

I hate being depressed.
I act happy and stuff but its killing me.
i hate it when guys look at me
I hate it when they stare at me
I hate it when they talk to me
I hate it when they flurt with me.
I bet they're thinking "what a cute girl" or "what a pretty girl" or "I would like to sleep with her" or "I would like to play with her"
and all I do is talk with them friendly, smiling and happy.

its all wrong.
I'm not a girl
I'm not a women
I'm not pretty
I'm not cute
I'm not sexy
I'm just .. .. a human
I'm not a girl at all.
I'm just ...me

I wish they'd stop it.
I'm just a innocent little girl.
just a innocent girl.

I hate it when guys giggle when I tell them I'm evil, or I'm a devil.
I hate the way they look at me and think how cute I am for saying that
or how sexy or how unique.
its not like I TRY to be something I'm not.
is it so cute that I'm evil?
is it so cute that I say these things?
is it so funny for saying who I really am?
and they just take it in as a joke or just a cutness
or as if I'm just trying to be cute and unique.

I hate it.
I hate it all.
I am evil and its not funny.
I love bugs and its not a joke
I just a innocent girl.
just a innocent little girl who want to kill all mankind for making me so sad.
I only care about myself.
and the bugs are what I love
I'm not saving bugs for their sakes.
I'm saving bugs for myself.
so I can be happy.
so I can be so damn happy for the moment they're alive.

I wish there was no death.
I hate death.
Death shouldn't be a part of life.
Nothing should die.
no bugs, plants or animals.
exccept humans.
they can die all they want.
they should die.
but I hate death.
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